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Project Management
Solutions Technology provides its clients with the full suite of administrative and project management engineering services. Full control and documentation of this process is achieved by implementing proven project management systems, procedures and programmes. Remote electronic access by the client's project leader to specific project management files that are housed on the company's network server, can be arranged.

For the execution of any project, the company prefers to operate in accordance with the following summary procedure:
  • An organogram is developed showing the various personnel involved in the project. This chart determines the formal communication protocol that is then adhered to throughout the duration of the project.
  • The responsibilities of each of the project team members are clearly defined. This ensures that conflicting instructions by different members of the project team can not be given to suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors.
  • A time line schedule is set down which details the execution steps of the project and integrates all engineering activities, resource requirements, equipment deliveries and the site construction programme. This project schedule is used by the project manager to manage the overall progress of the project.
  • Detailed schedules are developed where required for those contractors in critical areas and where critical plant shutdowns are necessary.
The company manages the construction of the project works by implementing a standardised work pack system. This system provides a methodology which ensures effective management and quality control and later on, a systematic method of logical plant hand over.
  • The entire processing complex is divided into distinct areas. The responsibility for each individual area is assigned to a particular project engineer.
  • Equipment registers are established listing all tagged items on the Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID's) for each process area and work pack.
  • The registers are used for the recording and tracking of the following items for each item of equipment:
    • technical information
    • progress status
    • installation status
    • testing & commissioning status
    • hand-over status
We have developed very well standardised procedures, for all aspects of the project execution programme that are set out hereinafter. We always seek to agree these procedures with our clients at the very start of a project (The detail of the steps of these procedure on not detailed on this website). These procedures relate to:
  • procurement of equipment and site engineering services
  • cost tracking and control
  • administration of additional scope items and variation orders
During the construction phase of a project, Solutions Technology's engineers usually prefer to maintain a full time presence on the site with all independent on-site contractor companies being managed by ourselves during the construction period. To ensure speedy progress and to enable effective management and quality control on site, a work pack system is implemented where:
  • The entire processing complex is divided into distinct functional areas.
  • The responsibility for each individual area is assigned to a particular engineer who then manages the various contractors working in those areas for which he/she is responsible.
  • P&ID's are divided up into logical and manageable work packs which utilises a system of colour coding of each pipeline segment.
  • Each tagged item or pipeline is then assigned to a single work pack and tracked against this work pack.
  • The monitoring of this tracking is done using the equipment registers and the actual progress and status of each item is recorded there.
Each work pack contains the following documentation:
P&ID Applicable P&ID
Line list Listing applicable line numbers
Construction & location drawing set Construction and equipment position drawings
MTO Material take off schedules
Requisition for fittings & valves To draw materials from stores
Lines & fittings check list Items to be checked by responsible engineer
Mechanical completion certificate Issued by contractor when mechanically completed
Flushing certificate Certificate that flushing completed
Punch lists Punch lists per Work Pack for each discipline
RFC certificate Notice section of plant Ready for Commissioning
RFO certificate Notice section of plant Ready for Operation
Hand over certificate Plant handed over to client

For projects which involve shutdowns of operating plant and where plant “down time” must be minimised:
  • Project detailed work schedules are developed.
  • The maximum feasible amount of pre-fabrication work is completed prior to the shut down period thus restricting the shut down to a limited number of tie-ins.
Upon completion of the installation of the plant, or sections of the plant, our process engineers perform detailed piping and equipment checkouts, supervise the systematic hand over of the equipment and of the plant to the client, manage the testing, commissioning and start up plant and supervise the performance test run. Plants are commissioned and handed over to the client using the work pack system as set out above. Commissioning and hand over of the Plant to the client follows a very structured procedure, the summary salient points which include:
  • Each item of equipment, valve or instrument being inspected and tested, the details of these checks are recorded in the applicable equipment register.
  • The impedance of all electrical cables and motors is measured (ie. “mega'ed”) and this information is recorded on certificates.
  • All motors are checked for the correct direction of rotation.
  • All instrumentation loops are checked for connectivity. These checks are carried out first in the field and then to the PLC automation system.
  • Each loop is then checked from the Scada system to the instrument. The results of these checks are recorded in the instrumentation and the valves & fittings registers.
  • All piping systems are flushed prior to commissioning the rotating equipment connected to them.
  • Once all flushing has been completed and loop checks have been finalised, the plant is commissioned and all the loops and equipment are re-tested.

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